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AIO T-Shirts


The AIO Shop

The Acadia Institute of Oceanography now offers a number of fun merchandise to show your AIO spirit!  

Are you a student attending this summer?  

• If you pre-ordered a t-shirt when you registered, it will be waiting for you when you arrive at the program.  If you did not pre-order, you are welcome to buy a shirt during your session though the sizes may be limited as the summer progresses.  The 2023 design will be displayed when it's ready in the spring.  We also have a few others at the AIO Shop.  All of the AIO Shop items will also be available during the session though sizes may be limited by that time.

• You can order other AIO merchandise that will be available for pick up on your arrival day.  The link for that shop is attached to the confirmation email and will be sent to everyone as the summer approaches.  

Not a current student but you just want some AIO merchandise?  

• You can order items here!  Prices include shipping, handling and tax.


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