Acadia Institute of Oceanography marine science camp
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What is AIO's refund policy?


•Withdrawal before May 1:  full refund.

•Withdrawal starting May 1 until 14 days before start of session:  credit of tuition, minus deposit, given towards summer 2023.*

*Refunds will only be given after May 1, 2022 if the program is forced to close for reasons outside of AIO’s control.

•Withdrawal within 14 days of start of program: no refunds or credits.

Full tuition must be received prior to beginning of the scheduled session or student will not be allowed to attend.

•The cost of the credits from UMM is refundable until Tuesday of the first week at noon if the student no longer wishes to take the program for credit.  After that time, the cost is non-refundable.


Participants are expected to report to all scheduled activities on time, to abide by all rules of conduct explained upon arrival at AIO, and to behave in a manner to bring credit upon AIO and themselves. This conduct includes but is not limited to:

--- treating staff and fellow students with proper respect

--- using appropriate language

--- refraining from improper relationships with other students or staff

--- not possessing tobacco, alcohol or any illegal substances

--- never leaving the property without a staff member

--- respecting the property of AIO and other students (you must replace property willfully destroyed)

--- respecting the local community members

Infractions of the above guidelines could result in immediate dismissal without refund.