Acadia Institute of Oceanography marine science camp
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Tell me about the College Credit option.

AIO offers 23 rising juniors and seniors the option of taking the first advanced session of the summer as a 4-credit oceanography course (ENV 103) through the Early College Program at the University of Maine Machias. This is a graded course, based on the UMM grading system. The cost of the credits was $545.60 in 2020 but we'll confirm the 2021 cost before the summer.  This amount is over and above the AIO tuition and is due on May 1.  The AIO tuition for that session includes a $100 registration fee which is non refundable after May 1.  The confirmation email includes forms needed to create an account for you at UMM so complete and return these to the AIO address by May 1.  Beside participation in the existing AIO program, you will be expected to attend some additional labs, lectures and be given an end of session lab practical and final exam. You have until Tuesday, July 13, 2021 to drop the course and monies paid for the credits will be refunded.