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Meg Begley

Meg Begley
Position at AIO: 
Teacher of Oceanography
Number of Summers Working at AIO: 
7 years
I'm from: 
Easton, Pennsylvania
Right now I live in: 
Milford, Maine
My favorite area of study is: 
Fishery science and anatomy/physiology
When I'm not at AIO, I spend the rest of the year: 
teaching middle school students

Meg Begley returns for her 7th summer at AIO!  Meg earned her Master’s in Fishery Science from the University of Maine in 2017 and has spent the last 12 years in and out of the state after her initial exposure during undergrad at the University of Maine at Machias (which she received a B.S. in Marine Biology). She has had the opportunity to work a number of diverse jobs throughout the U.S. ranging from fishing vessels on the Bering Sea,  manatee and horseshoe crab population studies, to aquarium and hatchery upkeep. Meg also has extensive outdoor education experience from her work in the Florida Keys, Texas, and Delaware. She is also a certified PADIdiver and has been trained in marine mammal rescue.  In her free time, Meg enjoys long trudges through Maine mudflats and the comforting smell of low tide on a hot sunny day.