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Gabriel Byan

Gabriel Byan
Position at AIO: 
Intern staff
Number of Summers Working at AIO: 
1st summer
I'm from: 
South Salem, New York
Right now I live in: 
Ithaca, New York
My favorite area of study is: 
When I'm not at AIO, I spend the rest of the year: 
as a biology and voice student

Gabriel Byan is looking forward to returning to AIO as a part of the intern staff after attending as a student in 2013, 2014 and 2016.  He is entering his sophomore year at Cornell University as a Biology and Society major with a minor in Music.  Recently, he had the opportunity to work in a lab where he dissected fruit fly larvae in order to image tissues whose gene expression patterns reflected the mobile genetic element he had inserted in them.  In addition to his passions for biology and the ocean, Gabriel is an avid singer of predominantly classical choral music and enjoys singing Italian madrigals from the Renaissance.  As a student at AIO, Gabriel fell in love with the curriculum and the incredible beauty of Mt. Desert Island and he is thrilled to be back this summer!  We're thrilled you're with us, too!