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Caroline Thompson

Caroline Thompson
Position at AIO: 
Teacher of Oceanography
Number of Summers Working at AIO: 
First summer
I'm from: 
Annapolis, Maryland
Right now I live in: 
Charlotte, North Caroline
My favorite area of study is: 
Elasmobranchs and Diadromous Fish
When I'm not at AIO, I spend the rest of the year: 
finding excuses to go to the beach!

Caroline Thompson is also joining us this summer for the first time as a teaching staff member but was once a student in the program. Caroline is graduating this spring from the University of South Carolina with her B.S. in Marine Science and spent a semester abroad last spring at the University of Queensland in Australia studying coastal processes and management.  She spent more than a year as a Diadromous Fisheries intern at the South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources where she tagged sharks, sturgeon and participated in the American Shad Project.  Caroline is SCUBA certified and has a passion for field hockey.  She has been coaching field hockey for several summers and was a state champion at her high school.  We're looking forward to working with Caroline again!