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Akiva Garfield

Akiva Garfield
Position at AIO: 
Intern staff
Number of Summers Working at AIO: 
1st summer
I'm from: 
Oneonta, NY
Right now I live in: 
New Paltz, NY
My favorite area of study is: 
Geology and Astronomy
When I'm not at AIO, I spend the rest of the year: 
hiking, swimming and snowboarding!

Akiva Garfield is entering his senior year at SUNY New Paltz in New York where he'll graduate with a BS in Geology and a minor in Astronomy.  He has spent time identifying areas of erosion and other threats to streams in Delaware County.  Last summer he was a Watershed Steward with the Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership where he worked at educating boat owners on preventative actions to avoid spreading invasive species of plants.  Akiva has also spent many years lifeguarding.  Welcome to the staff, Akiva!