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Get College Credit with AIO's Advanced Session

get college credit with AIO's advanced session

Get a head start on college credits with AIO and University of Maine at Machias!

AIO is proud to partner with the University of Maine Machias (UMM) to offer up to 23 rising juniors and seniors attending the advanced sessions  of AIO the opportunity to earn 4 college credits through UMM's Early College program.

This course is an interdisciplinary, hands-on introduction to oceanography. The schedule consists of several field-based lessons in oceanography, formal lectures and laboratory exercises. Students will use a variety of biological, physical and chemical sampling techniques to study coastal and nearshore ecosystems. These will include rocky intertidal zones, beach deposits and Somes Sound. Lecture topics include biological, geological, physical and chemical oceanography. Laboratory exercises will focus on specific topics such as the anatomy of chondrichthyes (sharks) and echinoderm development. Students taking the session for credit will be required to complete additional course work along with a final exam. This is a graded course and, generally, a C- or higher is transferrable. Upon course completion, transcripts can be requested from UMM.


What are the costs associated with the college credit program?

The base tuition for this program is $3,250, which includes a $100 service fee, payable to AIO.  The fee for the 4 credits is over and above the AIO tuition.

The cost of the 4 credits in 2022 was $553 over and above the AIO tuition.  You will need to set up an account at UMM after you register at AIO and then the University will bill you prior to the start of the summer.

How do I apply for the college credit program?

When you complete the AIO application, there will be an opportunity to specify that you would like to take the Advanced Session for college credit. When we receive your application, we will send you the appropriate follow up materials to complete the process.

Scholarship Available at College of Atlantic for AIO Students

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