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Scholarships for AIO Students at College of the Atlantic

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AIO students can save up to $10,000 a year when accepted to College of the Atlantic!

College of the Atlantic is proud to offer scholarships to alumni of Acadia Institute of Oceanography. Any student who has attended AIO and is admitted to College of the Atlantic (COA) will receive a scholarship of $10,000 per year for up to four years. Apply for admission to COA and include a letter of recommendation from a director at AIO. If admitted, you will automatically receive this scholarship for your first year at COA; an additional $10,000 scholarship is available for each of the next three years of enrollment if satisfactory academic progress is maintained. This scholarship is available to incoming first-year and transfer students. In addition, you may qualify for need-based financial aid.

COA is located on the ocean on spectacular Mount Desert Island, Maine. The college is rich in unique educational facilities; students have access to Acadia National Park and our own research stations on Great Duck Island and Mount Desert Rock. A generous alumna donated an organic farm to the college ten years ago. Our collaboration with Jackson Lab and Mount Desert Island Biological Lab through the INBRE program expands our scientific resources into world-renowned laboratories. And right on campus our library, natural history museum, GIS lab and art gallery provides first-rate educational opportunities to all students.

At COA everyone is on a first-name basis, and it's impossible to fade into the woodwork. Classes are centered on discussion, debate and intensive one-on-one interaction among students and faculty. Other colleges talk about "inter-disciplinary" and "value-centered" studies, but we live them. COA has no departments and no formal majors, and offers only one undergraduate degree, a B.A. in human ecology. The degree is founded upon the premise that the complex problems and issues of modern society and the environment are not departmentalized - or compartmentalized. And neither is our education.

While it's long been known for its strength in marine science and environmental studies, COA is not just about science. Art and design, literature and philosophy, history and politics, international studies: all integrated into COA's unique exploration of the relationship among humans and their environment. As its roster of outstanding graduates proves, COA teaches its students to understand the consequences of their actions and helps them gain the capacity to make future choices wisely, and to influence others to do so as well. COA practices what it preaches: it is a national leader in implementing sustainability policies and procedures. One of the most important choices you will make in life is not where you go to college, but what sort of education you get while you're there. Visit for more information on COA's life changing, world changing education. You may also contact COA at or call (800-528-0025) with any questions.


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