Acadia Institute of Oceanography marine science camp
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Intermediate Marine Science Camp Program

Program Dates: 
June 25-July 7 and
August 6-18, 2023
Typical Student Age Group: 
Ages 12-15
Program Location: 
Seal Harbor, Maine
Program Costs: 
$3,150 for a two-week session
About this Program: 

The Intermediate sessions are designed for students age 12-15. These two-week courses present a solid natural history approach to oceanography and introduce students to basic marine concepts and laboratory procedures. Many students who attend an Intermediate session will return another year for an Advanced session once they have completed ninth or tenth grade.  

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Example of an Intermediate Program Lesson

See a sample Intermediate Program Lesson.

Program Schedule

The students should arrive between noon and 5 pm on the first Sunday of the session.  Please don't plan to arrive earlier than noon as the staff is off duty until that time.  Departure is the last Friday between 9 am and noon. We are unable to accommodate students past noon on Friday since the building will need to be deep cleaned prior to the start of the next session. See a sample Intermediate Program Schedule.


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