Acadia Institute of Oceanography marine science camp
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Teacher Recommendation Form

Dear Science Teacher,

This student has applied to The Acadia Institute of Oceanography for admission to its marine studies summer program.  This a selective program for young people who have more than a casual interest in science and the ocean environment.  Our summer is field-oriented with trips to sand beaches, rocky tidal pools, saltmarshes and shipboard sampling as well as some lecture, lab and classroom work.  Though previous ocean experience is not required or expected, it is important that each student have an aptitude for the sciences.

Considering the nature of this program, students must take responsibility, be dependable, be able to live and work cooperatively with their peers and instructional staff, and be able to benefit from these activities.  In order to insure a positive experince for each participant, we look for academically motivated and socially well-adjusted students to spend two weeks with us on the coast Maine.  We require a recommendation from each candidate's teacher and, therefore, you have been asked to provide a few lines describing your student in reference to the above.  Since they will be working in many group situations, please also evaluate their ability to do so effectively.  We appreciate your taking the time from your busy schedule to complete and return this form in a timely manner.  

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