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Casha Kozlov

Casha Kozlov
Position at AIO: 
Intern staff
Number of Summers Working at AIO: 
1st summer
I'm from: 
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Right now I live in: 
My favorite area of study is: 
Behavioral Physiology
When I'm not at AIO, I spend the rest of the year: 
pursuing my undergraduate degree at Montgomery College

Alex (Casha) Kozlov is one of the interns joining us after having attended as a student last summer and participating in our Florida Career Seminar this past November.  Casha is currently a sophomore at Montgomery College in Maryland and has been studying Behavioral Physiology.  Since 2014, he has worked as an exhibit guide at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  He has volunteered extensively and has also spent a great deal of time in the theatre, where he enjoys the technical side of lighting, set design, carpentry, etc.  Casha is SCUBA certified, fluent in Russian, learning American Sign Language, plays the piano and drums and enjoys all kinds of sports.  We're glad that he can join us!