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The Intermediate sessions are designed for students age 12-15. These two-week courses present a solid natural history approach to oceanography and introduce students to basic marine concepts and laboratory procedures. Many students who attend a basic session will return another year for an advanced session once they have completed ninth or tenth grade.


2014 Intermediate Program Dates & Tuition

• June 29 – July 11

• August 10 – August 22


The tuition for our 2014 Intermediate Program is $2,450. Please review our Tuition & Fees page for complete details.


The sessions begin on Sunday after 12 noon and end on Friday between noon and 5:30 pm. We invite the families of the students to join us for a cookout between 5:30 and 7 pm on that last Friday.


See Photos of the 2013 Intermediate Program on Facebook!

To see photos of the 2013 (and years before) Intermediate Program, visit AIO's Facebook Photo Gallery Page.


Sample Schedule

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Exact schedule will vary depending on specific program enrollment and the tide.


Sample Lesson

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